Can I Recover Workers’ Compensation for PTSD?

Post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) is the result of going through a terrifying experience that causes you physical harm or threatens physical harm. It is a very real condition that can lead to serious stress and anxiety even when no danger is present. Severe PTSD can prevent someone from doing tasks at work that were once simple and may prevent someone from working altogether, especially when a work event caused the PTSD.

Are you suffering from PTSD after a frightening experience at work? Unfortunately, insurers frequently deny PTSD claims because they do not understand the seriousness of the condition and its often long-lasting symptoms. Because PTSD workers’ compensation claims can be difficult to win, it is very important to have an experienced attorney on your side.

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Detroit Worker Benefits Attorney With Real Experience

Founding attorney Barry Adler has more than 35 years of experience handling workers’ compensation claims. Barry Adler is a well-recognized workers’ compensation lawyer who has trained many attorneys on handling workers’ comp claims, including authoring the workers’ compensation section of Michigan Lawyer’s Manual.

We understand the challenges people with mental impairments face when submitting workers’ compensation claims or appealing an adverse decision. They will use their experience to help you provide thorough evidence of your disability and the financial challenges you face as a result of a work accident.

Finding All Sources of Compensation for Your PTSD

PTSD affects everyone differently. In some cases, it is part of a lifelong condition that prevents a person from working any job. If your PTSD or a combination of impairments prevents you from working for a year or more, you can apply for Social Security Disability benefits.

Similarly, if your PTSD was caused by a third party’s negligence, you may be able to bring a personal injury lawsuit against him or her.

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