Workers’ Compensation Settlements

Understanding Workers’ Compensation Settlements in Michigan

When a Michigan employee suffers a work-related injury, that worker is entitled to compensation for the costs that arise from that injury, including:

In most cases a worker receives worker’s compensation benefits voluntarily. Most injured workers return to work with the same employer and do not suffer permanent disabling injuries.

Redemption of Liability for Workers’ Compensation Claims

However, a significant number of claims are disputed for a variety of reasons. In these cases, and in cases where benefits are ongoing, it is possible to negotiate with the employer and its insurance carrier for a lump-sum settlement. In Michigan, this is called a “redemption of liability.”

Avoid the Lengthy Process | Workers’ Comp Settlements in Michigan

If a claim is disputed, the workers’ compensation process is lengthy and difficult for most injured workers, often including an initial application, medical examinations, stopped or delayed benefits, and a lengthy hearing process.

Many clients want to avoid the difficult workers’ compensation process by negotiating a settlement of the claim. In a workers’ compensation settlement in Michigan, an injured party typically gives up the right to receive any further benefits in exchange for a lump-sum settlement. This can include past and future lost wages, medical care, and vocational rehabilitation.

Get the Help You Need

To make sure you receive the full benefits to which you are entitled, it is important to work with an experienced attorney when negotiating a workers’ compensation settlement.

The attorneys at Adler Firm, PLLC, have more than 35 years of experience. We know how benefits are calculated, and we know how to settle a case in a way that will get you the maximum compensation available to you.

You will not be asked to pay us unless we win. Our fees are 15 percent of the first $25,000 we help you receive in workers’ compensation benefits, and 10 percent of any benefits we help you receive above $25,000. If benefits are being paid voluntarily at the time of the settlement, our fees are only 10 percent.

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