Do I Need A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

Will I Need A Lawyer For My Workers’ Compensation Case?

You do not have to hire a lawyer in order to file your workers’ compensation claim. However, an attorney can help you raise your chances of success and protect your rights throughout the process. With offices in Traverse City and Farmington Hills, Adler Firm, PLLC, is ready to review your case and explain how we can help.

Your Attorney Can Elevate Your Claim

There are many reasons to rely on an attorney for your case, including:

  • Insurers may be more likely to take your claim seriously when they know you have legal representation.
  • Your lawyer could help maximize the amount of compensation you receive.
  • Your lawyer can present other options such as a lawsuit against a third party or an SSDI claim.
  • You can rest assured that your attorney is loyal to your interests, whereas your employer and their insurer are likely loyal to their own interests.

It is possible that the insurance company could respect your rights and offer fair compensation without a lawyer. However, you may be accepting an unnecessary risk by navigating the process on your own. The potential rewards of hiring a workers’ compensation attorney usually outweigh any risk.

Furthermore, you can get legal assistance without worrying how to pay for it. At Adler Firm, PLLC, we work on a contingency fee basis, meaning that you do not have to pay for our services unless we successfully secure compensation for you.

How A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer Supports Injured Workers

A committed lawyer will customize their services to your specific circumstances and needs, and those services may include:

  • Helping you understand your rights and options
  • Filing your initial claim
  • Seeking fair and thorough medical treatment
  • Appealing denied claims
  • Representing you in court

Your attorney’s style and experience can both impact your case. If they are leaders in their field, they are likely to have the knowledge to strengthen your claim. A detail-oriented lawyer with a reputation for trustworthy service can help ensure that you do not miss deadlines or opportunities in your case.

Learn What We Can Do For You

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